A Separate Case for the In Case Ofs….

Vacations, trips….it’s a love/hate relationship.  Love to go, hate to pack.  Love the fantasy of “leisure time”, hate the reality of returning to real life.  You know, the old “reality sucks” syndrome.  So, I’m packing.  I can remember when, back in my younger days, I could grab a couple things, and be good for  week at a friend’s house.  Now, a camping trip requires an extra vehicle to haul the “necessities” with me.  I have a portable bbq AND a camp stove.  And, I need them both.  I live in the mountains, but this time, I am vacationing at the beach in Oregon.  The weather there is… at best… “iffy”.  It can be nice….IF the wind isn’t blowing, or IF it’s not foggy, or IF it’s not raining.  So, along with the things I WANT to wear at the beach, like a swim suit, a sun dress, some flipflops, I need to pack the things I (in all likelyhood) WILL be wearing….a rain poncho, a warm hat, a warm jacket for under the rain poncho.  Extra pants, extra shoes, extra socks.  So, that fills my suitcase.  Oh, wait a second… I don’t have my toiletries with me………….hahaha.  Here’s is where the separate case for the “In Case Ofs” comes in.  I need an entirely different suitcase for my IN CASE OFS!!  I need….sunscreen, IN CASE it shines, After Sun IN CASE I get too much of it, make-up (even tho it’s the BEACH and make up is RARELY required dress code there) IN CASE I go out to dinner, and then…there’s the medicine/supplement stuff…. I need something IN CASE I can’t poop. (Hey, it’s a vacation…nothing regular or normal about what you eat, or when you eat it.  Don’t TRY to deny it.) Conversly, I need something IN CASE I am pooping too much.  TMI??  I need something IN CASE my nose gets stuffy, I need something IN CASE my feet get dry, get cracked, get FUNGUS-Y, I need my lotions and ointments and special shampoos and conditioners for my special dry curly hair, AND…….. I need to pack some PATIENCE, some KINDNESS and some TOLERANCE……. just IN CASE I might need them.  Surely those will lighten my load!!

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On carpal tunnel and chronic pain

glacier park with clare 092-001

Carpal tunnel…….I do not like you. You disturb my life. You rob my sleep. You occupy my mind. I did not realize I had chronic pain, until my acupuncturist said the words. Even now, I have issues with saying “I have chronic pain.” So many people have so much more pain than I do. What about cancer patients? If I get cranky over a lil aching hand, how do they manage to stay upbeat and cheerful. I’m learning that pain, among other things, is NOT relative. Just because someone else, somewhere else is in more pain than I am, does not mean that I need to deny my pain. Or try to make it smaller than it is. I do my acu and I see a chiropractor. I stretch. I take hot baths. I use an OTC sleep aid. I try very hard to keep a positive outlook and KNOW that this will get better. I believe they can help me. A frozen rice bag helps in the night…… I lay it on my hand, and when it warms up a little bit, I put it on my neck between my shoulders. I don’t know why, but that helps me get back to sleep.
My photo today is Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.
I reserve all rights to my photos. Thanks for stopping by.

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My first blog?!?! Do I want to share my life? My secrets? My stories?  People say , “You should!” “You’re so funny!!”  “You’re so smart!”  And I wonder who the hell they are talking to… is there someone behind me?  I read blogs that make me laugh and cry; those are the good ones.  If I can evoke feelings in a reader, through my stories, or my photos, then, that will be a reward indeed.

I’m a traveler; a wanderer.  A taker of photos…. not a photographer.  I snap hundreds of shots and if ten turn out, I am happy.  Some say I have an eye for it; a talent… perhaps I do, but talent is relative…. someone will always be better than me.  I’m good with that.

Montana born and raised, a farm girl, turned small city girl, turned big city girl, turned back to small city girl.  Three adult kids, a couple of grandgirls that mean more to me than anything else.  They are the reason for my return to small city life; I want to BE their grammy… all the time, while they are young.  I remember when it was no longer very “cool” to go to Gramma’s house.  I want to enjoy them fully while they want to enjoy me.  The funny things they do and say give me such a happy place in my head!!

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