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On carpal tunnel and chronic pain

glacier park with clare 092-001

Carpal tunnel…….I do not like you. You disturb my life. You rob my sleep. You occupy my mind. I did not realize I had chronic pain, until my acupuncturist said the words. Even now, I have issues with saying “I have chronic pain.” So many people have so much more pain than I do. What about cancer patients? If I get cranky over a lil aching hand, how do they manage to stay upbeat and cheerful. I’m learning that pain, among other things, is NOT relative. Just because someone else, somewhere else is in more pain than I am, does not mean that I need to deny my pain. Or try to make it smaller than it is. I do my acu and I see a chiropractor. I stretch. I take hot baths. I use an OTC sleep aid. I try very hard to keep a positive outlook and KNOW that this will get better. I believe they can help me. A frozen rice bag helps in the night…… I lay it on my hand, and when it warms up a little bit, I put it on my neck between my shoulders. I don’t know why, but that helps me get back to sleep.
My photo today is Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.
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