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Across My Kitchen Counter

Across my kitchen counter, I have solved the world’s problems.  Many, many times.  That counter has seen discussions on every topic imaginable….from births and deaths and all manner of things in between.  It’s not a pretty counter, it’s not big.  But, in addition to being able to hold all the foods for a holiday meal, it holds secrets and stories.  It has seen tears, heard the laughter of friends and grandkids, shared my morning coffee with me.

I imagine that most everyone has a kitchen counter, or something similar….say…a table.  That spot where communication actually happens.  Where you are safe.  Safe to say what you feel.  If you are seated at the counter, or table, you have been asked to stay awhile and share yourself.  It’s not the hurried chatter of people who have places to be and people to see.  It’s the honest words between humans who are really listening and reacting to each other.  We share our days, our dreams, our scary things, and our happy thoughts.  We search for answers to unasked questions and find amazing stories of other lives.  The kitchen counter nourishes a caring attitude.  It’s a surface for bouncing ideas.  I’ve seen people clean my kitchen counter while hashing out some issue.  It doesn’t bother me when that happens; they are that comfortable in my space.  That’s what it is, simply.  A comfort zone.  I use mine for family and friends every day.  Do you?

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