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A Strange Thing Happened on the Way to the Office

I got a new job.  Same place, just full-time and with benefits.  I wasn’t “in-house”… I had to interview for it; something I hadn’t done since 1980.  Thirty-five years.  I had to be myself; there was no chance to be a “better” me.  After all, they already know me there.  Me, in my weirdness.  Me, in my self. 

Why is it so hard for us to believe that people LIKE us?  Perhaps, even love us?  I am a good person.  I do good deeds.  I know in my heart that people genuinely care for me, like me.  So, WHY???  Does my brain second guess, wonder if it’s real, try to find a hidden meaning or agenda?? Did she say she was happy I got hired because she thinks I am “pliable”??  That I can be molded to fit her space?  Or… she really just happy for me, and thinks I will be fun and easy to work with?  That I will be a grand addition to the workplace?  I am going to go with my positive side and believe the latter. 

Because I AM positive.  I think it’s normal for us to doubt ourselves.  We don’t have to like it.  We don’t have to listen to that Doubting Thomas in our heads.  I like to tell that voice, “Well, that’s YOUR opinion, and you are entitled to it.  But….that is not how I feel.”  You see, that voice is NOT your friend.  Has that little voice ONE TIME told you that “You were freaking awesome back there, man!!!!”  “You are lookin’ good today!  Those polka dots look FABULOUS with that plaid!!!”  Has it ever once said, “The time is right….you are spot on….ask and you shall receive?”  More likely, that voice is in the back of your head, telling you that it’s NOT right, you are CRAZY if you think THAT’S ever going to happen……am I right?  Cuz, I’m doubting myself here!!!

I live my life in a positive manner.  I have downs.  I have days where I don’t feel very positive.  Generally speaking, I choose happiness.  I choose to not be a cynic.  I choose to LIKE my life, and…. I choose to surround myself with people who like their lives.  I go to my new position at my old workplace with the absolute KNOWLEDGE that I will make someone’s day better with my smile, a hug, a caring attitude, a quiet ear, or a good anecdote.

I suggest you try life my way!!

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